Thursday, 7 November 2013

VirtArch - Video Games and Archaeology

Hello all,

Today I want to talk to you a little about about my blog; what I'm hoping to do with it and the sort of things I'm going to try and explore. In the coming weeks you can expect videos, text posts, images and possibly some interviews about my chosen topic.

The focus of the blog is  archaeology and video games which is  a topic I'm really keen to explore. The reason I'm drawing attention to this topic is because I believe that not enough is being done to advertise the potential of this amazing form of media and that this is an opportunity that really cannot be missed.
In the video you are watching you can see different examples of current video games which are already themed in historic environments. These are games which already have potential to be explored with regards to historical accuracy, heritage potential, educational potential and other factors. This is also just a tiny tiny example of the huge catalogue of video games which may be of interest to archaeologists, historians, anthropologists and other academic disciplines.

The great thing about this outlet is that there is already a large public community with a vested interest in video games and the future of video games, and having engaged with this community on a regular basis I am certain that the marrying of academia and gaming will be received very positively amongst the consumer base.

The blog will look at a huge array of examples of how links can be established between archaeology and academia, and will not focus on any single genre of video games. Simulations, first person shooters, strategy and adventure games will all be included. I'm also going  to take the time to try and explore the latest developments in virtual reality, which I'll give you a look into now.

I think VR represents one of the more exciting aspects of video games and how they can be tied into academic pursuits and I'm truly passionate about having the opportunity to explore this first-hand.

I hope this video has given you some idea as to what you can expect from my blog and has got you as excited as I am about the potential of video games in an academic environment. If you have any questions or thoughts then please leave a comment.

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